Selena Gomez Biography Essay

American Actess And Singer: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is considered to be a very talented American actress and singer. Gomez is a woman of talent who has contributed to the world of humanities with her creativity, knowledge, and motivation. Many people may be familiar with her because of her successful music career, her role on the Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place and for dating Justin Bieber. As a young child, Gomez had faced many challenges and has worked hard to overcome those challenges, becoming a successful woman in the music and film industry by contributing her exceptional work to her fans and making history.
From a young age, Selena Gomez had true talent for acting. Gomez was born on July 22, 1992 in New York, but had moved to Grand Prairie, Texas when she was just a little girl (“Selena Marie Gomez”). Having Selena at age 16, her mother was living paycheck to paycheck and was struggling to give Gomez everything she needed as a child after her parents got a divorce. Selena shared some past experiences like, “My mom would run out of gas all the time and we’d sit there and have to go through the car and get quarters and help her get gas” or having to go to the dollar store to get spaghetti to make food (“Selena Marie Gomez”). Regardless of her struggling life, nothing stopped her from taking on her dreams.
Selena had begun her acting career as early as 2001 when she played Gianna in
Barney and Friends. After she was dropped from the shows in 2003, “She landed small roles in the movies Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over in 2003 and a small part as Julie on Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire in 2005” (“Selena Marie Gomez”). Additionally, she received a part in a television show called Brain Zapped in 2006 where she got the opportunity to record a song for the show. This gave Gomez a boost or starting point in her music career even though as a young child she was mainly focused on acting. In 2006, she had shifted herself to Disney Channel where she got two major roles in two different Disney channel shows called, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody as Gwen and in Hannah Montana as Mikayla. At lomast in 2007, “Gomez landed her first starring role when Disney Channel casted her as Alex Russo in the series Wizards of Waverly Place [which became] a popular fixture on the channel (“Selena Marie Gomez”). During her show, Selena took on more projects such as her first animated movies called, Horton Hears a Who and Disney Channel Movies such as Princess Protection and the Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie. At this time, Gomez did work on movies and singing outside Disney Channel for example, her ABC Family Movie, Another Cinderella Story (“Selena Marie Gomez”). After completely being done with her Show, Wizards of Waverly Place in November 2010 and Disney Channel in general, Gomez started getting away from the whole innocent perfect little girl and shifted her character to the more bad girl involved in drugs, sex, and stealing in her more recently film, Spring Breakers. The movie...

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Birthday: July 22, 1992
Birthplace: Grande Prairie, Texas (US)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Barney and Friends

Selena Gomez, an only child, was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. Her mother, Mandy Teefy, is a former stage actress. Selena’s first big role was on Barney and Friends where she played Gianna. Selena was discovered by Disney in a nation-wide talent search when she was 10 years old. In 2006, she guest starred in the second-season of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Selena posing for AdidasCourtesy of Adidas

Rising Star BFFs

Selena is best friends with fellow former Barney and Friends actress and Disney Channel star Demi Lovato and the pair make YouTube Webcam videos together. When asked a question of when the pair became friends, Demi answered: "when I asked her to sit on my jacket and draw with crayons (at the Barney auditions)".

In 2007, Selena landed another Disney role when she appeared on Hannah Montana as Mikayla, a pop star who is Hannah’s rival.

Selena as Alex in WOWPCourtesy of Disney

Wizards of Waverly Place

Selena really hit the big time when she won the starring role of Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place. It was Disney’s top-rated show for a long time, even more popular than Hannah Montana. She also launched her singing career, performing the theme song for WOWP and appearing on the soundtrack for 101 Dalmatians, and in Disneymania 6. Selena stared in Another Cinderella Story, the sequel to the hit movie A Cinderella Story, and a film with her BFF Demi Lovato called Princess Protection Program.

Goodbye Disney, Hello Diva

Just as Wizards was coming to a close, Selena's musical career was taking flight, she started out with her band Selena and The Scene releasing the albums Kiss & Tell, A Year Without Rain and When the Sun Goes Down. By 2013 she was ready to take on the music world solo, and came out with a dance track-heavy album that got everyone moving - Stars Dance.

Album art for Stars Dance

Dominating the charts didn't stop Selena from pursuing acting as well, she starred in several movies: Monte Carlo, Spring Breakers, The Muppets and Rudderless (to name a few.)

Selena's career wasn't the only thing in overdrive, her high profile on-again/off-again relationship with singer Justin Bieber inspired her, even when it wasn't going very well (let's just say Justin started out as a prince and turned into a bad boy.)

Listen to "The Heart Wants What it Wants" by Selena Gomez below.

Did You Know?

  • Selena sings three songs on the soundtrack to Another Cinderella Story.
  • In the Jonas Brothers music video for "Burnin' Up," Selena plays Nick's Girl.
  • Selena was the voice of the Mayor’s daughter in Horton Hears a Who!
  • Selena loves wearing Converse sneakers.
  • Her favorite band is Paramore.
  • Selena looks up to Rachel McAdams, her favorite actress.
  • She is the voice of Mavis in Hotel Transylvania
  • In 2015 Selena confirmed that she had been diagnosed with the auto-immune disease, lupus.

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