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Paper Art Dolls

Submitted by:Speelman, Melissa - Sycamore Junior High Cincinnati, Ohio
Unit: Identity
Grade Level: Elementary through High School



  • Use Riso-graph to print off a paper doll outline onto tag board (Or use Saral Transfer Paper if your school doesn't have one). Have the doll shape just about fill up the page - have a generic shape - sort of gingerbread man like. Print instruction to cut out doll on tag board as a reminder. You decide how big to make them. These dolls appear to be cut from about 6" x 9" (15 x 23 cm) paper.

  • Create a hand out to go with the doll and include that in an envelope.

  • Distribute the envelopes to all incoming students with the due date clearly stated. Make it fun - and no fail - and all will participate. Grade only on if it was done - or not done.

  • MAKE a doll yourself! and critique that with those made by the students.

  • Decide if you want to do awards - make paper award blue ribbons with award in center. Have an affordable prize for each award.


Class display (Click on images for larger view)




We adore Lily & Thistle Paper Dolls at our house. Every single child has a set. They come with tons of clothing options. There are hip modern outfits, historical outfits — even fairytale character outfits like Little Red Riding Hood. And you can have the dolls customized to look like your child. Hair, eye color, skin tone, etc.

My favorite part is that they come with a digital counterpart (either on disc or as an email attachment), so that when the beloved paper doll has milk spilled all over her, you can simply print out another one on heavy cardstock and you’re back in business. I’ve mentioned them before here and here, but wanted to mention them again because Lily & Thistle is running a great holiday promotion.

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