Adolf Hitler Research Paper Outline


drop out at the age of sixteen 2 ½ years later. Hitler’s mother drew a widow’s pensionand owned some property. Adolf did not have to work, spending his days daydreaming,drawing pictures, and reading.Hitler went to Vienna, the capital of Austria-Hungary, in 1907, to continue to pursuehis dream of being an artist. The first time he attempted to get into art school, the art heshowed the Academy of Fine Arts was considered good but he was unable to get into theschool nonetheless. On his second time he was not allowed to even take an entranceexamination to see if he could enter. On December 21 of that year, Hitler’s mother diedfrom cancer and Hitler never told his mother he wasn’t admitted into the art school.Later, Adolf wrote “The death of my mother put a sudden end to all my high-flown plans.…It was a dreadful blow, particularly for me. I had honored my father, but my mother Ihad loved” (Haugen, 25). Adolf lived in Vienna with his best friend, August Kubizek,who were both there to study music. As he spent time in Vienna he developed a growinghatred toward non-Aryans, a supposedly perfect race of non-Jewish, pure bloodedGermans with blue eyes and blond hair.In 1913, Hitler moved to Munich, Germany, where the Austrian Army called him for a physical examination and was found unfit for service, but Hitler volunteered immediatelyto become a messenger and was accepted. He was in the Western front for the majority of the war, taking part in some of the most gruesome battles. He had a few near deathexperiences, such as the time a bullet went through the sleeve of his shirt and didn’t evenhit his actual body, which convinced him that he was part of some bigger purpose in life.


Ryan MorrisCollege EnglishMr. Neuburger Date 9-9-08Research Paper The Story of the HolocaustThe big mistake started on January 30, of 1933 when Germany appointed Adolph Hitler as chancellor of Germany. Shortly after Hitler assumed the role as chancellor, the wheels beganchurning in motion to begin a terrible tragedy. The tragedy, known as “The Holocaust,” targeteda variety of people, primarily the Jewish race, killing them in several different ways. Accordingto the research of University of South Florida, approximately eleven million people died duringthis disaster. This terrible tragedy brought death upon enough people to consider it a mass killing.The types of people targeted in this disaster were the Jewish, gypsies, African Americans,homosexuals, socialist, political enemies, communist, and the mentally disabled. (Par 1). Hitler and his staff developed many different ways to kill many people, and in the end perfectedeverything. Many people do not really grasp the concept or reasoning of the Holocaust. In order for one to truly understand the Holocaust, one must understand the Nazi’s motivations, the lack of resistance to the Nazi regime, and the Germans’ innovations for killing a mass number of Jews. However, one thing many people should realize is that the mastermind behind it all was avery intelligent, deceitful, and persuasive person.Hitler’s tirade began when he was a younger child. At the age of nine, he became veryintrigued by the topic of German Nationalism; so interested he became a German soldier. Heserved in World War one. While he was lying in a hospital bed after he had been temporarilyMorris 1


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