Socio Political Problems Of Pakistan Essay

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Corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency. Our society is facing a very grave problem of corruption that has threatened basic foundations of society. This is one of the most serious problems which are not natural calamity or disaster. Corruption is the cancer that will gobble up all the socio-economic and political achievements.

The major reasons of fast creeping corruption are political instability, poverty, unequal structure of society, unemployment, lack of accountability, weak political institutions and absence of rule of law. Resultant they are affecting political stability, equal distribution of resources and power, confidence of local and foreign investors and political institutions.

Although corruption has wide-ranging deleterious effects on society and governance but its most deadly impact is always on the poor. It undermines democracy, hinders in good governance and weakens the democratic institutions. It hampers the economic growth and sustainable developments. Increase in corruption in any society is inversely proportional to good governance.

If these suggestions and practical measures are taken, the cancer of corruption can be cured to reasonable extent. Institutions should be made strong for proper working of the democratic system. Proper system of accountability and check and balance should be implemented. Justice delayed is justice denied. In time justice can minimize corruption practices.

Salaries and wages should be increased in order to decrease the chances of corruption. Education system must be revised and improved according to national needs. Stable governments are essential to prevail justice and to uproot corruption and public awareness is must to eliminate corruption.

It is multi-faceted problem so it should be countered on all possible fronts with sincerity. We must reform ourselves. Only proper planning and strictly implemented policies with public support can put halt to this growing menace.



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Tuba Sehr

Pakistan is a developing country and faces all social problems that developing countries face along with political instability that further aggravates the problem. Currently, Pakistan has many challenges to face in the form of socio-economic problems. One of the big social problems for Pakistan is poverty. 70% of the population of Pakistan lives in villages. According to an analysis, poverty has increased; roughly from 30% to 40% of the country’s population is merely earning their livelihood below the poverty line. Second problem Pakistan is facing the dragon of over-population. The population growth rate is very high and is among the highest in the world. The massively increasing population has almost outstripped the resources in production, facilities and in job opportunities. Pakistan is faced with the problem of acute unemployment.
It is always considered to be killer for an economy. It has negative impact on society. It creates frustration and revengeful attitude. It leads to an increase in the incidences of crimes. Owing to poverty and unemployment, parents instead of sending their children to schools, prefer child labour for them. Rising poverty in Pakistan necessitates that 10 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) be spent on social sector including education, health, safe drinking water, sanitation and basic infrastructure. At present, Pakistan spends only three per cent of its GDP on health and education whereas India allocates nine per cent for these sectors. Such a meagre amount which is already insufficient to cater for the needs is further misappropriated. There are less hospitals and medical centres. If there are any, the people are unable to afford their and their children’s health expenses. So the health problems grow unchecked. It is very depressing that basic health facilities are not available to the half of the population.
Social problems are interlinked with economic problems. Economic prosperity serves as a backbone for the overall progress of a nation. When citizens of a country are free from worries of earning a livelihood to sustain their lives, they can focus on education, improvise healthcare, develop technologies that make life easy. Poor economic conditions are the root cause of so many problems that exist in a society. Pakistan economic conditions are pathetic as if power crisis, lack of foreign investment for the development of industrial zones, backward and out-dated technology were not enough.
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