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In our school, we have 45 minutes of remediation time to work with struggling students.

Attached is a weekly lesson plan and practice sheets used to tutor 2nd grade students who need additional help with place value. This lesson plan focuses on helping the student understand the ones, tens and hundreds place.

This lesson plan incorporates Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) Techniques. These techniques have been proven to be a highly effective method of teaching math to students with disabilities.
CRA is a 3-part instructional strategy:
Part 1 - The teacher uses concrete materials to model the mathematical concept (hundreds board, base ten blocks, chips, Popsicle sticks etc.)
Part 2 - The teacher demonstrates the concept in representational terms (drawing pictures)
Part 3 - The teacher shows the concepts in abstract or symbolic terms (such as numbers, notation, or mathematical symbols)

Weekly Focus: Place Value (3 digit numbers)
• Monday - focus on ones & tens place (numbers 0-50)
• Tuesday - focus on ones & tens place (numbers 50 - 100)
• Wednesday - focus on ones, tens & hundreds (numbers 100 - 300)
• Thursday - focus on ones, tens & hundreds (numbers 300 - 500)
• Friday - Skill check

Since I have used a special math font to create the practice sheets, I have included PDF files.
I did include the WORD version of the lesson plan so you could make changes for personal use.

**Look for additional remediation plans. I will post them in the order that I use them with my students. This is week 3 - place value.

Lesson Plan Design:
Counting Practice: Students practice counting objects around the room. The counting practice is incorporated into the Teacher mini-lesson each day. It also gives me time to meet with my other students who do not need remediation and give them quick directions on what to do at their work stations.
Mini-Lesson: Teacher gives mini-lesson on skill (lesson plan included)
Guided Practice: Students practice skill together in small group or with a partner (practice sheets included for each day)
Independent Practice: Students practice skill independently using response booklet (response booklet included)

15 pages included in all

WORD version included for personal editing of lesson plan
PDF version included of practice sheets and student response booklet

Other Remediation Weekly Lesson Plans & Practice Sheets:
Remediation Weekly Lesson Plan & Practice:Word Problems -1 step(week 1)

Remediation Weekly Lesson Plan & Practice:Word Problems -1 step(week 2)

Remediation Weekly Lesson Plan & Practice: Place Value (week 3)

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Teaching Duration

45 minutes

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