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The exam is 2 hours long

Multiple Choice: During the first 70 minutes, you have 100 multiple-choice questions to answer. At the end of the 70 minutes, your booklet and answer sheet will be collected. However, no matter how early you finish this first part of the exam, you cannot begin the free-response questions (essays) early. 


The multiple-choice section counts for two-thirds of your score. If you have time remaining after you complete the questions, you can go back to those you were uncertain about or want to reread. 

FRQ: You are limited to 50 minutes to answer two required essay questions.




The following table summarizes the format of the AP Psychology exam: 


An absolute MUST see video by Mrs. Alice F. Short   



Writing the AP Psychology FRQ

Video Link to Attacking an FRQ in AP Psych

Examples of old AP Psych FRQ Questions








Timing – Tips for Doing Well:

  1. Spend the first 1-2 minutes just understanding the questions. Underline and highlight the important terms and verbs. Make sure you know exactly what the question is asking you to do.
  2. Spend the next 3-5 minutes outlining the points you will make. Count up you points and sketch out a layout of essay.
  3. Write the best possible essay over the next 15 minutes.
  • Following steps 1 and 2 of the essay will allow you to have a solid framework on which to begin writing. Additionally, you are likely to have no skipped points or major cross-outs (which are OK to have, but not the most efficient way to get down you BEST possible answer).

College Board Essay Expectations:

  • Describe on overarching framework.
  • Be specific on both your references to and discussion of psychological principles or problems.
  • Cite evidence and examples to illustrate your explanations.
  • Clearly state the intent of your evidence (to support or contrasts a claim).
  • State your points clearly and directly. (The test taker will not assume that you know anything, infer anything, etc.)

What To Do:

  • Write an introduction–thus getting right to the point. (1-2 sentence introduction)
  • Use specific psychology terms and specific names of theories, theorists, etc. Then highlight/underline them.
  • Define all terms. If you think it was important enough to underline, it is important enough to define.
  • Support, support, support. Defining the term is not enough. Provide an example or study. It is better if the example is related to this course or another specific psychology example. This is not the time to relate it to yourself.
  • Clearly state the purpose of the example (support or contrasts). “HERE IS MY EXAMPLE, which supports/contrasts with ________.”

The Three C’s:

  • C – Clear – This relates to the next C, being concise. You want to make sure that if you are putting pen to paper, the readers of your essay will understand what you are trying to say. Be direct. Do not leave room for confusion. Their general assumption will be that you do not know what you are trying to say.
  • C – Concise – You have a lot of tasks (defining specific psychological terms, providing and explaining support for those psychology terms, describing to relate to question), this means that you want to waste as little time as possible accomplishing each of these tasks.
  • C – Correct – Always be as specific as possible to the degree to which you can be correct.

DEAD – Format for answering free response questions

D – Define
E – Explain
A – Apply
D – Describe











Hello Students and Parents:


I am Emmie D. Stokes, and I am excited about teaching here at A.R. Johnson! I bring twenty years of experience at the college level where teaching writing was and is my passion. One reason is most assignments require some form of writing; therefore, students are expected to demonstrate this skill in a variety of ways. Most grades in college are earned through written work. In addition, employers prefer employees with strong writing skills. 


Students will read a variety of literature, including speeches, informational texts, reflective essays, some classics, science fiction, and more. Best of all, these selections will help students strengthen reading skills as well as understand other perspectives.


Parents, please feel contact me if you have questions. My email address is You may call the school at 706-823-6933. 

To my students, my door is always open to you. I encourage you to ask for help as soon as you recognize the need. 


By working together, we can make this a successful year.


My best,

E.D. Stokes




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