My Contribution To A Better Society Short Essay About Myself

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Individual Social Responsibility is a moral belief where we as individuals, have a responsibility toward society. Being "socially responsible" is about all individuals behaving ethically and sensitively towards social, economic, and environmental issues. It is about being accountable for our actions and being conscious of the impact your actions have on others, our communities, and the environment.
By taking an active participation in resolving some of the issues, we as individuals should all strive to set good examples by applying and adhering to socially responsible practices, such as improving the quality of lives for individuals and their families, volunteer energy and time towards improving and benefiting society.

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Enhance the environment by adopting a beach or park to maintain and beautify. Provide a good "listening ear" for those who have problems managing personal emotions, such as feeling of separation and loss, pain and suffering, and coping with the imminence of death. Children without a parent or parents. There are many ways of donating, for example, donating goods, services, or monetarily. You can also invest in socially responsible funds, consume green products, give blood to the 'Red Cross', or give their time and life for good causes.

I want to offer my time as a volunteer, continually educate myself and work hard so that I can hold a good job and be able to give more generously to the needy, do more good deeds, share what I have with those who have less, be a good mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, and friend. become more conscious of individual personal responsibilities to family, friends, my community, and the environment. Desired changes are to be less self-centered and to be more sensitive of the feelings and needs of others, to be more giving by leading a life that will be of service to others especially those who are more in need than themselves, to be more responsible with my actions and words, be more caring toward the elderly

Many people assume that contribution to the society is the responsibility of those who are already well settled in life and have nothing else to do; because, even if the average person tried to contribute to the society, it wouldn’t make much difference. How wrong! It is the little drops of water that make the mighty ocean. Every person can make a difference to the society if they have the will to do so. You need not donate millions of dollars to feed the hungry or do some heroic act in order to make a difference. Little act of kindness, small changes in lifestyles and being a responsible part of the society will do the trick.  Here are 10 out of 100s ways in which you can contribute to society to make a difference.

10. Improve Yourself:

By picking up your own life and being a productive member of the society, you will be contributing to your community in a positive way. People with criminal tendency, addictions or other vices, often feed on the goodness around them, without giving back anything to the society. Therefore the first step would be to improve yourself so that you don’t start leeching from your surroundings.

9. Improve Your Social Skills:

Be humble, polite and have a smile on your lips. Even though you may not think of this as a great act, it goes a long way in making a difference to the society. Negative emotions and bad attitude tend to create bad vibes that spreads around, which is picked up by other people. By improving your social skills, being friendly and approachable person, you do a lot of good to your community.

8. Plant a tree:

With depleting forests and increasing pollution, planting a tree will do a huge difference to our environment. A single tree will absorb nearly a ton of carbon dioxide during its life time, so by planting a seed today, you will keep contributing to the society even when you no longer live in it.

7. Strictly follow the 3 R’s:

You will do the society a huge favor if you strictly follow the 3 R’s – reduce, re-use and recycle. Remind yourself that you are contributing to the increasing pollution and destroying the environment by choosing disposable products, especially the carry bags. Use reusable products and save the environment. Recycle the products you can.

6. Donate Blood:

Shortage of blood has taken many a lives. You can donate the life saving fluid and save lives. By donating blood, you are not only saving the life of the needy person, but also have the benefits of your own blood being screened for infections like HIV and Hepatitis C before being transfused to a patient. If any life threatening infection is seen, the donor will be informed by the doctors.

5. Family Planning:

Population explosion is the major concern of our world at present, as there has been significant increase in population in the past 50 years. Our planet may not be able to sustain present or larger numbers of human population for long. You can help not only by keeping your own family small, but also by spreading awareness about the downfalls of having bigger families to people around you.

4. Drive with Caution:

Don’t drink and drive. Be cautious and careful on the roads. It is not only your own that is at stake, but the life of others as well. Reduce the number of deaths and injuries on the roadways by being aware about the safety rules; in addition you can spread awareness among the drivers, pedestrians and cyclists regarding road safety.

3. Save Fuel:

Walk and cycle whenever possible; it not only saves fuel and prevents harmful emissions, but is a wonderful exercise for you. Keep your vehicles well serviced and keep the tires properly inflated so that the lifespan and mileage of vehicle increases. Use carpooling and mass transit transport system to commuting to school, college or work.

2. Be a Volunteer:

Keep some time aside for volunteering to help an old age home, disability center or a hospital which is falling short of staff. It benefits you in a great way, because, the satisfaction and pride that comes from helping others can be life changing.

1. Be a Good Samaritan:

Don’t turn a deaf ear and blind eye to the elderly person struggling with a door, a person who met with an accident or a child separated from parent. Lend your helping hand to those in need. Make that call to the concerned official when you see something amiss your neighborhood.

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