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English essay writing was part of our school syllabus but now, it is an important paper in bank & insurance exams.In addition to the objective papers, there is a separate descriptive section that intends to test candidates english knowledge.Since essay writing questions are to be asked in the exam, we tell you how to write essays in the correct format for upcoming exams.


Since the descriptive tests are conducted online, papers wont be provided in the exam centre.Answers have to typed on a computer using a keyboard including letter writing


Essay Writing Basics

Reading an english essay in books or newspaper could be simple but writing it yourself is not an easy task.With just 30 minutes to complete the paper, it is necessary to know how to write a proper essay within the given time.


The total marks allotted for essays could range between 20 to 30.Generally, the number of words is specified in the question paper itself.If its not mentioned, you may write an essay in 250 – 300 words.


It is always best to follow a format while writing an essay.So here are the important parts of a good essay:

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

Let me explain this format with a sample essay topic asked in one of the previous year UIIC AO descriptive test.


Steps taken by government to increase insurance penetration


India with a population of over 1 billion is the 2nd most populous country in the world. But the number of insured people is only around 20% which is very less compared to other countries.There could be many reasons for this shortfall such as lack of awareness or the inability of companies to reach the masses.But the government of India on its part has taken many steps to increase insurance penetration.Let us see some of them.


The biggest step taken by the government in recent years was raising the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to 49% from the earlier 26%.This amendment paved way for foreign insurance companies to start operations in India by partnering with existing entities & offer more products suited for Indian public.


In a major push to increase insurance penetration, the Indian PM Narendra modi launched “Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY), a personal accident insurance scheme with coverage of Rs.2 lakh at a premium of Rs.12 / annum & Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY), a life insurance scheme with coverage of Rs.2 lakh at a premium of Rs.330 / annum.


Nearly 124 million Indians have enrolled for these schemes, as of February 2016.


To promote the need for retirement savings, the central government reduced the service tax on single premium annuity policies from 3.5% to 1.4%.It brought down the premium amount to be paid by the policy holder significantly.


Although the government has brought many reforms in the insurance sector, the above steps have helped more people to take up insurance policies. So in the coming years, we can be confident of seeing higher growth in insurance penetration among Indians.


How I Wrote an Essay?

I wrote the above essay in 275 words by sticking to the already mentioned format.Any essay article should be divided into three parts for easier writing.



Introduction: It should always be the first paragraph.You must write 5 – 6 sentences covering only the general points about the question/ topic.

The topic that i chose to write was about insurance penetration.So a broad outline of the present insurance sector in India can be the only introduction that one can write.

Similarly, you should write a suitable introduction for any topic but make sure it does not exceed 6 sentences or 70 words.


Also checkout: SBI PO descriptive test pattern & cutoffs


Main body of the essay: This is where you are supposed to write all the relevant content regarding the topic.You should not explain about the introduction or the overall view here because the word limit is just 250 – 350 words.So start describing the points directly.

In the sample essay, there are only 3 paragraphs in the body section but i have mentioned 3 important steps taken by the government.

There are marks given to the structure of your content as well.So write in paras as it not only looks good but makes reading also easy.


Conclusion: Finally, the last paragraph should always be the conclusion.But it should be framed in such a way that the reader must feel like “Oh, he/ she is concluding the article”.

Look at the concluding paragraph of my passage.It contains 2 sentences but i have summarized the entire essay by stating that these steps were taken by the government & connected it with the topic (how it helps to increase insurance penetration).

Whatever topic is given, your conclusion should sum up the complete article linking it to the title.Do not end the essay abruptly without writing a proper ending statement.


How to Practice Essay Writing?

Newspapers can be the best guide to practice essay writing.We recommend you to read The Hindu or The Indian Express or The Business Line & see how they frame sentences.

  • Pick any general topic & read the complete article
  • Write an essay on it in the format given above

Try to write atleast 2 articles per day so that you are comfortable & confident to attend the questions on the exam day.


Bookscovering essays on various topics are available at cheap rates nowadays.They can be bought but remember, it is just a reference & practice guide.


* Modern Essays (more than 150) for Rs.109 – Click here to buy online


Dont expect the same articles you read in books & papers to be asked in the exam as well.Questions can be framed based on anything but if you know the basics, you can easily crack it.


Struggling to write letters?Then checkout how to write proper letters for letter writing in descriptive test

Dear Aspirants,

Yesterday Syndicate Bank released a notice to extend its recruitment's online exam date to 25th February 2018. Candidates now have few more days to complete their preparation to crack the examination and get selected for the next phase. The online exam of Syndicate Bank PGDBF Recruitment also have a Descriptive Test of English Writing and many brilliant aspirants fear this test, as they struggle with writing skills. To help you in qualifying the Descriptive Test, in this article we'll discuss all important tips that can help you write effectively in the exam.

As per the official notification of Syndicate Bank PGDBF Recruitment, the Descriptive test is qualifying in nature however, a candidate, must secure minimum marks (50% for general & 45% for SC/ST/OBC/PWD) in descriptive test to qualify for next process viz Interview and Group discussion.

What can be the key to effective writing to score in Descriptive Test ?

  • Reading- The more you'll read the more it will become easier for you to express opinions, ideas, and facts in a proper manner. Reading is essential to effective writing.
  • Grammar, Spellings, and Punctuation- Take them seriously!! There will be a deduction of marks in case you trip on these three. 
  • Brush up your knowledge of Current Affairs- There is a high possibility that you'll face a question from one of the trending topics in news, so always stay updated.

You'll have to practice Letter Writing and Essay Writing for Descriptive Test of Syndicate Bank PO PGDBF Online Exam. Try to practice writing a Letter and an essay daily, to improve your writing skills. When you are comfortable with writing on paper, then practice by typing on your personal computer. This much needed and small step will help you prepare with perfection for the exam. In recent competitive exams, we’ve seen letter to the editor and informal letters were the hot topics asked in the descriptive paper. While writing a letter one should keep in mind to write letters that get your message across without the reader calling you for clarification. Letters shouldn't be verbose and usually, in competitive exams, there is a prescribed word limit. Essay Writing can be challenging given the scarce word limit of 150 words in some competitive exams. Yes!! you must practice to write essays in 150 words and 250 words. 

You can refer to the following sample of Letter and Essay Writing and get an idea of the format:

Q. Write a letter to the SHO of your area complaining against the violation of traffic rules by the people. (WORD LIMIT- 150)

17-B, Sadar,

24th August 2017

The SHO,
Sadar, Nagpur,


I wish to draw your kind attention towards the increasing incidents of road accidents in our area. The major cause of such incidents is the violation of traffic rules and absence of traffic police on signals. People are in a habit of breaking laws. Everybody on the road seems to be in a hurry.
It is very common that many people talk over mobile while drive and also jump red lights. Over speeding is another cause of road accidents. All these have contributed to the increase in the road accidents. Pedestrians do not feel safe while moving on the road.
It is, requested to take immediate necessary action to check the incidence of road accidents. Traffic police may be deployed on every street to punish those who dare to break the traffic rules.

Yours faithfully,

Q. Write an essay on the Blue Whale Challenge: Targeting Psychology of vulnerable minds in 250 words.

Blue Whale Challenge: Targeting Psychology of vulnerable minds 

"Blue Whale Challenge" that was initially a sensationalized hoax, is now believed to have had instances of mimetic self-harming and mimicking groups, leaving immature teenagers at risk of cyberbullying and online shaming. Blue Whale is explained as being based on the relationship between participants (or challengers) and administrators. The administrators command a series of missions that players must accomplish, usually one per day, some of which involve self-mutilation.

The Blue Whale challenge is an online game that pushes teens to commit suicide. Over the past month, a dozen teen deaths have been associated with the game in India and many more across the world. There is need to move discourse from the cause, to address the fundamental mental health vulnerabilities that are getting these kids manipulated by an administrator who slowly works on stimulating dormant suicide ideation in someone with depression.

We need a discourse on depression but to do that, there is a necessity to de-hyphenate anxiety from psychosis. We can’t wait for authorities or government to provide solutions, each of us has to do our part to promote better mental well-being in whatever approach possible.

Points To Remember

  • Keep the word limit in mind: You can use any short and imaginary address while writing a letter, so you won't run out of words in the main body of the letter. For Essay writing do not try to take too many points as you'll be on a tight word limit of 150 or 250 words.
  • Use simple language: There is no need to use heavy vocabulary, the main agenda of descriptive test is to deliver the message appropriately to the reader.
  • Avoid grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Read newspapers and try to write on a topic daily with a confined word limit to improve your writing skills.

In our effort to provide you all with the latest topics with solved examples and practice exercise set for descriptive writing we bring you A Guide to Descriptive Writing eBook that will prepare you to tackle the questions asked in Descriptive Paper of Syndicate Bank PO Examination with poise. You can get the Descriptive Writing ebook and Descriptive English Video Tutorial from store.adda247.


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