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Last Sunday, my dad decided to take me and my friends for a visit to the Alipore Zoological Garden. The thought of being able to see all those different kinds of birds and animals LIVE made us excited.

The Alipore Zoo is crowded with hundreds of people everyday who come to watch the various animals and birds that are brought in from different countries. In one part of the zoo, there were big cages consisting of birds like the ostrich, parrots, peacocks, and many others. The thing which scared me the most was the big, fat python, which twirled itself around the branches of a tree. Among all the animals, the monkeys were the funniest. They made all kinds of faces and noises and when I handed over a banana, they readily came forward and took it. It was great fun watching them jump from one tree to another, within the cage, with such ease. The other attractions of the zoo were the deer, elephants, giraffes and the huge crocodiles lying peacefully on the banks of the pond. At last, we headed towards the den of the king of the jungle, the lion. There were strict guards around the enclosure and though we were allowed to take photographs, we could not go near it. I was quite happy to see the natural habitat created for them, and that they had much open space to roam around freely.

I really enjoyed my visit to the zoo as it had been a very good experience. The zoo is not only a place for fun, but it is also educative as it teaches us many things about birds and animals, which we mostly see in pictures or on television..

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A Visit to A Zoo

A Visit to A Zoo :

Our school broke up for the winter vacations. One day I went to Vandalur zoo with my friends. The entry was by tickets. We went up several steps to purchase the tickets. Then we entered the zoo.

We walked up and down. A deep canal ran parallel to the footpath. Beyond the canal there were small trees. The cages of the birds were hanging down the branches of the trees. Their multi-coloured feathers gleamed into sunlight.

Next we saw a small water pond with many kinds of birds swimming in it. It was interesting to see new birds in an enclosure. They twittered, chirped and whistled. They presented nature’s voice. It was pleasing indeed to hear them. We saw many birds there - sparrows, nightingales and owls of different colours set in the closed cage. The owls sat with closed eyes lost in thoughts. We bade a silent farewell to those philosophers among birds and walked on.

We visited the tigers, lions and bears shut in cages. We saw some hippos and also a rhino. We heared the loud roar of a lion. One tiger was in a fit of anger. The tiger was strong and handsome. I was reminded of Blake’s lines.

“What immortal hand or eye dare frame the fearful symmetry?"

Then we enjoyed a boat cruise. I enjoyed it most. We also saw many other fauna like crocodiles, snakes, frogs, fish ad a hundred other creatures. They all felt at home in the zoo. Last of all we saw different kinds of monkeys.

We passed many happy hours in the zoo. It was a pleasing experience for all of us.

A Visit to A Zoo


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