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Have you been searching for some Essay on Village Life in Pakistan For 10th Class, 2nd Year! If yes, then this is the best way to search for the best! Here we will be discussing about the essay on the village life in Pakistan for the students of 10th class and 2nd year. It is all known that village life is the life that is all concerned with the concept of the traditional rural life of the people of Pakistan. People who are residing in rural ares of the Pakistan they are known as villagers as they are living in the houses that are made from bricks, clay or mud. In these houses you will mostly be finding 2-3 rooms. Rich people or the landlords of village areas have big luxurious houses. In the place of Gongrani, Baluchistan people used to reside as in the homes that are built within cliff-side caves.

What To Know About Rural Life in Pakistan?

As we all know that technology has been bringing so much of the advancement in its account and hence this is the main reason that some sort of advancement is also being view up in the rural areas of the Pakistan as well. If you will be looking around in the village areas you will be finding so many changes that are expected to be made in it. So many latest technologies are coming in the way of the rural life for improving its standards such as the technology as related with the pumps and tube wells for the purpose of the irrigation. There are majority of the people who are not taking into consideration the socioeconomic status in the middle of rural Pakistani villagers. There is a huge percentage of the rural Pakistani inhabitant’s whose livelihoods is completely based on top of the rearing of livestock including with the cattle and goats.

Village As Real Image Picture of Pakistan:

The people who are living in rural areas of the Pakistan, they do take into custody the profession of the agriculture that is the main occupation of the rural areas of the Pakistan. You would be much surprise to listen the fact that there are almost more than one lakh villages in Pakistan. It would not be wrong to overlook the fact that Villages are mentioned as the real image for reflecting the culture of Pakistan. Government is putting forward so many of the efforts that would conceptualize the steps in terms of bringing some improvement in the village life of Pakistan. Now let’s see that how much of the development will be coming in the way of villages in the coming years of Pakistan!

Pakistan is an agricultural country. About 70% of the population depends upon agriculture directly or indirectly. All these people are living in villages. Village life in our country has its own blessings and problems. We can easily compare it with the city life.

Village Life is very simple, sincere and frank. People living there, have no artificiality and no hypocrisy. Their joys and sorrows are very simple and their needs of life are also limited. They have no high ambitions of life and lead a contented life. They enjoy real peace of mind because they are free from the unnecessary worries and responsibilities of life.

Life in a village is also very peaceful. It is free from the dust and noise of traffic as well as the smoke and dust produced by the factories. The villagers can enjoy fresh air, open sunshine and the beautiful scenes of nature like the green fields, tall hills, murmuring streams, chirping birds, etc, there is no fear of adulteration as faced by the people living in cities.

However, village life in Pakistan is not without draw-backs. Most of the villages are far away from the cities and market. They are not linked with the cities by roads and railway lines. There are no facilities of transport, electricity, hospital and telephone. Many of the villages in our country are still without any school for boys and girls. Un-employment is also there in village because uneducated people cannot get any job or chances of progress like the people living in cities.

The government of Pakistan has been ignoring people in village for long time. We cannot become an advanced country by keeping our villagers poor and backward. The banks should also open branches in villages to provide easy loan to the farmers. In this way there will be a revolution in the life of the farming community.

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