Cricket Essay In Paragraph On Eng

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  • Cricket is the most famous International Game
  • Cricket is a bat and ball game which has three aspects: Batting, Bowling and Fielding
  • Cricket is played between 2 teams with 11 players in each team
  • The game is an outdoor game being referred by three Umpires
  • Cricket is the mainly played game in our country

Cricket: (Short Essay)

Cricket is the most prominent outdoor game played across the world. Cricket is considered as the national game of England and the favorite game of India. The game is played between two teams of 11 players. The game has 3 major aspects:

Both the teams have to bat once while the opposite team bowls and fields. The match is played with a fixed number of overs. The team which wins the toss bats first. The opponent team has to chase and beat the target runs. The game is played as Test match (5 days) and One Day Internationals.

Cricket: (Brief Essay)

Cricket is considered as one of the best outdoor sports played by major countries of the world. Cricket is the National game of England. Cricket is a bat and ball game played by two 11 members’ teams as Test match (5 days) and One Day Internationals. The rules and format of the game are simple and well known by everyone. The common terms of the game that are good tbe known are:

Field : A field where the match takes place; which is oval in shape. The pitch is the area within which batting and bowling takes place; a pitch is always rectangular in shape.

Toss : A coin is tossed by Team captains before the match starts. The batting or bowling decision is taken by the toss winner.

Batting, Bowling and Fielding : One team bats while the other bowls, a fixed number of overs is set in One Day Matches. An over contains 6 balls. The chance of the batting teams ends once they meet these fixed overs or after they lose all the wickets. The bowling team always fields to take away all the wickets. In Test matches, the game continues till the end of 5 days with no fixed target of overs.

Players : Each team has one captain who suggests the fielding adjustments and settings; he motivates the team towards the success. While 2 players of batting team are on field, the top 11 players of opponent team bowl and field against them.

Umpire : The game is referred by 2 umpires on field and one umpire away from the field who takes decision with video evidence.

Selection Board : Each country has its own selection Board (BCCI for India – The Board of Control for Cricket in India) selects the topmost players who represent their country in One Day Internationals and Test Matches.

Cricket, as a game, gives equal opportunity to Women players too. The popular International teams of Cricket are India, Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies and New Zealand. The Indian Players who marked history and made India proud in Cricket are Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman, Virendar Sehwag and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

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Is Cricket a Global Game?

Cricket is a bat-and-ball kind of game that is played between two teams, 11 players in each of them. The field has an oval shape and in the center there is rectangular 22-yard long pitch. In the game process, one team bats and tries to score runs, the more, the better, while the second team fields and bowls, and attempts to dismiss the batsmen and limit runs received by the first team. Teams switch between batting and fielding at the end of innings.

The history of cricket started in the 16th century in England. The first written evidence dates back to 1598. Then it was called creckett. There are many facts that make it clear that cricket was actively developing in the 17th century, and by its end it became an organized activity that was played for high stakes. In the next century it became the national sport of England. Since then it gained recognition and today there are fans around the world and matches gather lots of people who are dedicated to this game.

This game has several peculiarities that make it very appealing to people. First of all, it is interesting that there are laws that players have to abide to, but also there is the Spirit of the Game, which is no less important. Besides, the fields for cricket are unique and vary considerably in shape and size. There are many other peculiarities that make this sport interesting and unique for many people, as everyone can find something interesting in it for themselves. Today the International Cricket Council has 104 members, which proves the point.


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